Gaz of sweet snacks

gaz is a sweet snack


Gaz is one of the sweet, famous and traditional snacks of Iran, the main souvenir of Isfahan; It is also produced in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Hamedan, Kerman, Fars and Yazd provinces. To prepare turmeric, sugar, egg whites, almond and pistachio kernels, cardamom, rose and hazelnut extract are used. Some turmeric producers also use a substance called badka, which reduces its nutritional value.

Isfahan turmeric is the best type of turmeric and is more than 450 years old. The sweet that is made in the areas of Isfahan called Gaz is named after the nectar secreted from Gaz psyllid, which is placed specifically on this shrub. Ghazangbin, which has been mentioned in various sources under the titles of Trangbin Gon, Angbin Gon, Gaz Khansar, Taranjbin of Isfahan and Persian nectar. It is one of the few fructose sugars alone in nature. The original type of this sweet, which is still made to order, has a small percentage of the precious extract of hazelnut, and what identifies the sweet turmeric of Isfahan is this amazing extract and nectar of honeysuckle or hazelnut, which is obtained from shrubs of the same name, namely hazelnut in Khansar area. [9] The weed-producing agent is a small insect about the size of a mosquito that builds a house on the stem or leaves of the weevil. It then feeds on the sap of this plant and produces nectar. This process, that is, the production of natural sugar by this insect, which may be similar to the production of honey in bees, is not well known and needs further research. From the end of September, when the cool autumn breeze blows, shiny, yellow seeds, like millet, are obtained from honeysuckle shrub bushes, which is called azalea extract. The value of honeyed turmeric is usually 4 to 5 times the value of ordinary turmeric. [10]

industrial production
More than 90% of the country’s turmeric is produced in Isfahan. Currently, about 450 production units in Isfahan are engaged in the production of turmeric. [11] And about 650,000 tons of turmeric is produced annually in Isfahan. Although “Gaz Isfahan” is one of the products that was introduced to the world as one of the first Iranian exports from Isfahan, during the time of Agham Mohammad Khan Qajar, [12] [13] but to support the export of this product, the brand “Gaz Isfahan” in the organization Global intellectual property has been registered. [14] Today, along with the scientific and industrialization of Gaz production workshops in Isfahan, the old brands of Isfahan Gaz, which are mostly related to the late Qajar and Pahlavi eras, continue to operate, and mostly as a family. .

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province
Beldaji; The capital of Iran
Beldaji turmeric, as the most famous turmeric in Iran, is produced in Beldaji city in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. [16]

The city of Beldaji has 87 gas factories, produces 800 tons of turmeric per month and is known as the “turquoise capital of Iran”. [17]

The secret of Gaz Beldaji
Oregano is the main secret of Beldaji turmeric, which is found in abundance in the Clare Mountains. Natural in gas production has led to the production of quality gas and the most important factor in the growth and development of gas production in this province.
Mountain honey, which is produced from mountain astragalus, is also the secret of other producers of turmeric turmeric that do not use sugar. [18]
World Record of Gaz Beldaji
In 1397, after 4 years of follow-up, Gaz Beldaji was finally registered worldwide. With the award, the production and export of this product increased.

Brand registration will lead to lower marketing costs and more profit in return. It is also very important in the industry to increase the credibility and reputation of production.

Source: wikipedia

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