Tree Gaz

Tree Gaz


Gaz or Gaz (scientific name: Tamarix) is an old tree, this tree has a long life due to its roots reaching the surface water of the earth, it is said that in some tropical areas [1] it has lived more than a thousand years. The maximum height of this tree often reaches 10 to 15 meters. [1] The turmeric tree belongs to the Tamarix family and grows in different parts of the world, including Iran.

A beautiful tree
It is a beautiful tree with slender, pointed and compact leaves. And due to the salinity of its leaves, only camels and camel owners use it, but it is not suitable for feeding other animals. [1]

In Iran, there are five species of turmeric tree: royal turmeric, which sometimes exceeds 15 meters, Khansar turmeric or honeysuckle turmeric from which honey is made, Yalghun (scientifically named Tamarix Palazi) found near Karaj, Tamarix tetrander which It grows near Shiraz and Themis, which is found in the forests of northern Iran. [2]

Gaz sweets
Main article: Gaz (sweets)
The sweet that is made in the areas of Isfahan called Gaz is also named after the nectar secreted from Gaz psyllid, which is placed specifically on this shrub. The value of honeysuckle is that it is one of the few fructose sugars alone in nature. Ghazangbin has been mentioned in various sources under the titles of Gaz Khansar, Angbin Gon, Taranjabin of Isfahan and Persian nectar

Source: wikipedia

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