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Astragalus or honeysuckle or honey is a white and honey-like food that is produced directly on the acacia or honeysuckle plant by an insect called the scientific name Psilox (Cyamophila astragalicola) or Cyamophila dicora Loginova or with the help of an insect. In the Abrahamic religions, treasure is food that God sent to them when the people of Israel were in the wilderness. The best type of this plant is found in Khansar and Golpayegan mountains in Iran.

There is disagreement among researchers as to what I was equivalent to. Some believe that the root of my word is derived from the root of the word menu in Egyptian meaning food. Some believe that it is equivalent to turmeric gum that the Arabs sold; But turmeric gum is made up of more sugar and is unlikely to provide enough food for people in the long run, and it is virtually impossible to turn it into a cake. In describing the Bible, the word “I” may be derived from the word “I” meaning “I” in Aramaic and Arabic. I may also mean ice tree in Arabic. This description may be related to the nectar that is produced from the body of some insects and is edible, which some people think is my true meaning. In the desert, such material will soon evaporate and decompose. It is a good food source and has a lot of carbohydrates. There is also an ant that feeds on turmeric gum. Others think that I in the Bible is the same as Ghazangbin in Persian. This substance is white and is common in western Iran, Iraq and eastern Turkey. When it dries, it turns into hard pellets. These pellets can then be pulverized to make bread, which is consistent with the biblical description.

In speeches
The word Manna is defined in the Encyclopedia Britannica as follows:

A white, honey-like food produced directly by the insect or by the insect on the plant

Abu Rihan al-Biruni refers to the production of nectar by insects on the thorny plant.

In his travelogue, Edward Frederick (1819) states:

In Iran, it is often served with a type of pastry, one of the main ingredients of which is a resinous white sweet substance called ganzagbin, which is made with rose, flour and pistachio kernels in the form of pastry tablets with a diameter of about eight centimeters and a thickness of less than one centimeter. A shrub on which turmeric is found, and its branches resembling brooms, are called asters. Everywhere, on the young shoots and under the bushes, pieces of turmeric like threads were seen in abundance, along with countless small insects. “I agree with the people and without a doubt, I consider turmeric to be an animal product,” says Frederick. Interestingly, Frederick’s theories were not approved by others for more than one hundred and fifty years.

در میشنا
In Mishna, which is the oral interpretation of the Torah, I am the extraterrestrial matter created by God on the sixth day of creation, and it was ensured that this matter is pure. Until the children of Israel came to Canaan, they ate only me. The descriptions of the Jewish clergy say that I was so clean that I did not produce any kind of feces and that none of the people of Israel needed to dispose of the waste. Quoted from Saad al-Din

In the Torah
I am mentioned in two places in the Torah. The first time in Exodus 16, where the whole story is mentioned, and again in Numbers 11, where part of it is mentioned. Something soft and grainy is mentioned in the description of my departure journey. Numbers with daily dew are mentioned in the book description. The book of Exodus mentions that my size was almost as frozen as dew, that it had to be shrunk before it was destroyed by the sun, and that it was white like coriander seeds. In the book of Numbers, it is described as a muqal, adding that the Israelis pulverized it and made cakes from it. It is mentioned in the book of Exodus that I was raw like a wafer made of honey. God commands the Israelites to gather only the semen produced that day. The extra amount was spoiled and the cream went into it and it smelled bad. The only exception was the night of Shabbat, in which he gathered as much as I did for two days and did not break by the command of God: “This is the command of the Lord. “Whatever is left over, keep it until morning, and they will keep it until morning, as Moses commanded, and it will not rot, and the worm will not eat.”

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